The 50 Greatest High School Football Players from Nashville

When it comes to the greatest high school football players from Nashville, Tennessee, The Tennessean has compiled a list of the top 50. A 24-person committee voted on a ballot that included 260 candidates and then on a ballot with 75 finalists. Three players, Preston Brown and E J from Maplewood Junior and John Henderson from Pearl-Cohn, were elected unanimously. The list covers all Davidson County schools, along with Hendersonville, Beech and John Paul II in Sumner County, Franklin, BGA, Brentwood, Brentwood Academy, Independence, Centennial, Ravenwood and Summit County in Williamson County, along with Mt.

Juliet Christian Academy, Wilson Central and Friendship Christian in Wilson County. When it comes to the best NFL players from Tennessee, Tim McGee is at the top of the list. He left the University of Tennessee with 2,042 receiving yards in 123 receptions and 15 touchdowns. After two seasons in the NFL, he went on to have a successful career in the Arena Football League. Peerless Price was one of the keys to Tennessee's 13-0 record and the 1998 National Championship.

He was one of the Vols' favorite receivers for both Peyton Manning and Tee Martin. Kent Hall scored the winners of the game against Syracuse and Florida in Tennessee's first and third games of the season to help continue the Vols' 13-0 championship streak. Steve DeLong was a member of the College Football Hall of Fame and former Outland Trophy winner. He was one of the best offensive linemen in Tennessee history. He played freeform in Tennessee and started five years with the Seattle Seahawks before spending nine years in the NFL.

Chip Kell was one of the most prolific offensive linemen in Tennessee history. He was selected by the Tennessee Oilers (later known as the Titans) in the second round of the 1997 NFL Draft. John Majors ended his career as head football coach at the University of South Sewanee, Tennessee for 21 years and coached two undefeated and untied teams of the 20th century in 1958 and 1963. Billy Wade was selected for the NIL All-Decade Team (1970) and played freeform in Tennessee before being selected in the fifth round of the NFL draft by San Diego. He played in the NFL (Chargers, Dolphins, Texans) and recorded 253 career tackles and three interceptions. Finally, an honorable mention goes to John Gordy who won an NFL championship in 1957 as a rookie with Detroit and never missed a game in 11 seasons with the Lions. Travis Henry became the best running back in Tennessee history (3,078 yards) when he took over most of Jamal Lewis' functions after he broke his ACL in 1998. Cosey Coleman was also an important part of a Tennessee offensive line that helped generate huge totals for the Vols in the late 90s.

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