How Sports Analytics Have Transformed the Football Experience in Nashville, Tennessee

Football games used to be a straightforward affair. Fans would show up to the stadium, take their seats, and enjoy the game. But over time, the experience has become more complex. Ticket prices, food and beverage costs, and long lines for restrooms have all contributed to a less than ideal experience for many fans.

This is especially true in colder climates, where fans may have to endure uncomfortable temperatures while sitting in the stands. Sports teams are always looking for ways to improve fan engagement and attendance. Fortunately, data analytics can help create unique experiences that make the match day experience more enjoyable for fans. By leveraging data, teams can provide fans with better value for money and a more enjoyable experience overall. At Syracuse University, students had the opportunity to explore the role of data in sports through a virtual program. The program was designed to help students understand how analytics can be used to gain a competitive advantage in the sports industry.

During the program, students worked on projects such as comparing racial inclusion in NASCAR and Formula One, examining the harassment of women in sports media, exploring athlete protests, creating public service announcements to encourage more female coaches, and extending the Rooney Rule. The Syracuse University Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics is also working to become an international leader in sports analytics. The college offers courses that combine data analysis with arts and science studies as well as professional electives and liberal arts requirements. The Women in Sports and Events (WISE) Club is also helping to connect female students with career opportunities in sports. In an effort to make attending games more immersive, German soccer champion Bayern Munich sought to modernize its Allianz Arena stadium. To do this, they invited speakers such as Matt Busco, assistant soccer coach at Syracuse University; Ryan Smith, analyst and account manager for Pro Football Focus; and others to discuss how analytics can be used in both professional and university football. The use of analytics has had a remarkable effect on fan engagement with football in Nashville, Tennessee.

By utilizing data-driven insights, teams can create unique experiences that make attending games more enjoyable for fans. This has helped increase attendance at games and create a more immersive match day experience.

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