The Best Time to Watch Football in Nashville, Tennessee

The most popular time to visit Nashville is during the summer, from June to August, when the city has all kinds of events. However, the middle of summer can be hot, so the best time to visit Nashville when the weather is nice is in spring and fall. November is a great month to experience the highlights of Nashville. You can take a seat at the Country Music Association Awards to witness the brightest stars in country music, or head to Nissan Stadium to watch the Tennessee Titans in NFL action. If you're looking for a great place to watch a football game in Nashville, The Mainstay is an excellent option.

Located in the fifth and main building, this spot has 23 TVs for watching games, an eclectic menu at a sports bar, and a variety of beers on tap. With a slogan such as “a music venue with a sports addiction”, Dawghouse Saloon is always a good time. Every seat in the house offers a view of a large screen TV. On those nice days in Nashville, you can sit on the patio at The Mainstay where they have a television so you can keep up to date with the score. Fall triumphs over spring in Music City, so I would recommend postponing your trip until May if possible.

It's a slightly wetter month than April, but the conditions are much better. The warm-weather grass used in the area should have more time to burst. And if the NHL Predators are having a good season, you might be able to watch a playoff hockey game downtown at night. This will give you plenty of time to see beautiful views, live music, and historic destinations in Nashville. Below, you'll find some of the best self-proclaimed sports bars along with a list of restaurants and bars suitable for watching any game in Nashville. The BEST place to watch sports of ANY kind is in East Nashville, at BoomBozz Craft Pizza & Taphouse near the corner of S.

Whether you want to cheer on the Titans when they hit the field, watch the Nashville Predators dominate the ice, or attend any other event big or small on the day of the game, these top-notch Nashville sports bars offer great food and drink, energy and wall-to-wall TVs for sports lovers not to miss out on any moment of action. The latest Corner Pub establishment in downtown Nashville features a 50-foot LED wall that's perfect for watching all your favorite sports and equipment. Sit under the huge “Famous” tent while watching your favorite team at Famous Nashville in downtown Nashville. The best place to watch any Gator game is Party Fowl at Donelson in the Coop upstairs where you'll always find Orange and Blue. Nashville Underground is another great spot for watching sports. This four-story bar and restaurant in the center of the city offers NFL Sunday Ticket and outstanding games on its huge LED screen on the floor that otherwise functions as a dance floor. The tornado season in Nashville runs from mid-March to mid-June and is a potentially dangerous time.

The Elvis Festival is very popular in Nashville and it's the perfect time for both locals and tourists to celebrate this iconic musician. Walking tours are popular with tourists in Nashville, and March is an ideal time to enjoy one before it gets too hot. In conclusion, fall is considered low season in Nashville which means you won't have to worry about large numbers of tourists. It's also an ideal time for enjoying beautiful views, live music, historic destinations and watching football games at some of Nashville's best sports bars.

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