The Impact of Podcasts on Football Fan Engagement in Nashville, Tennessee

Podcasts have had a major impact on fan engagement with football in Nashville, Tennessee. From providing exclusive access to the best expertise and experience that Nashville football fans can find, to offering a platform for the play-by-play voice of Notre Dame to discuss Sam Hartman, Marcus Freeman and the Irish staff, podcasts have become an invaluable source of information for Nashville SC fans. Vanderbilt coach Clark Lea has also joined the show multiple times to talk about his growth as a coach, his time at Notre Dame, the strengths of the Irish bowling opponent South Carolina and more. Pete and Matt have also summarized the week's news in Notre Dame, including Tyler Buchner's status and whether he should participate in the Gator Bowl, and RB recruit Dylan Edwards' commitment to Colorado. The Irish swept Boston College and won a 44-point victory.

Pete and Matt discussed whether this was a decisive moment for the Irish when it comes to restoring their consistency against defeatable teams. They also talked about the screenings of older adults in ND and bowling. Ryan Harris, former color analyst for Fighting Irish OL and current color analyst for Notre Dame, joined Pete and Matt to anticipate Saturday's showdown against Boston College on Senior Day. Eric Mac Lain, ACC Network analyst and former Clemson offensive lineman, joined the show to discuss Notre Dame's victory over the Tigers, talk about ACC football as a whole and anticipate what awaits Marcus Freeman and the Irish after an emblematic victory. Jess Smetana, Notre Dame alumnus and extraordinary podcaster, joined The Shamrock to make sense of Marcus Freeman's inconsistent start as Ireland's head coach, learn about the origin of his fanaticism and anticipate what comes after the program.

Tim Murray, host of More VSin and a fan of Notre Dame, joined the show to remember the odds of Irish games at the end of the season and to give ND fans an idea of the terrain when they travel to Las Vegas this weekend to take on BYU in the clover. In this weekly edition of The Shamrock, Pete and Matt took a step back to take a full look at the Irish season so far. They discussed what they had learned about Marcus Freeman in the first four games of the year and what they hoped to learn from the remaining eight. Marcus Freeman earned his first away win as head coach of the Irish, and the club advanced to. Pete and Matt talked about how Saturday's performance was reminiscent of a beating from the Brian Kelly era. Former Notre Dame All-American Chris Zorich joined The Shamrock to talk about Notre Dame's slow start and the patience needed for first-time coach Marcus Freeman.

Are there any parallels with the early days of Lou Holtz? They also talked about kilts at National. Mike Golic Jr., Mike also opened up the curtain. Ralph Russo of the Associated Press joined Pete to anticipate Saturday's matchup against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Before they plunged into the weekend standoff, Ralph detailed his conversation with Notre Dame CEO Jack Swarbrick who spoke about the conference. Pete Sampson and Matt Fortuna talked about the Notre Dame fan survey and discussed Marcus Freeman and what could come next for the Irish show. They also asked how fans would sum up the Brian Kelly era? And can Notre Dame recruit well enough to win a national?Pete Sampson and Matt Fortuna turned on their microphones on the West Coast and reacted to a busy day of college football.

Did Saturday's chaos ease Notre Dame's path to PPC? Brian Kelly believes that Irish are one of four best teams in county - is that right?Pete Sampson and Matt Fortuna summarized Notre Dame's 28-3 win over Virginia in Charlottesville. Did Irish turnovers keep game closer than it should have been? What are Notre Dame's chances of joining CFP? Is an NY6 bowling game more realistic?Pete Sampson and Matt Fortuna were accompanied by former North Dakota offensive lineman and current game analyst Ryan Harris. They talked about Isaiah Foskey's progress and why Ryan knew he would have a monster year. In addition, they discussed mid-season adjustments and why competition. Pete Sampson and Matt Fortuna welcomed Andy Bitter from The Athletic to anticipate Notre Dame's trip to Lane Stadium to face Virginia Tech.

What type of environment could they expect? Would Notre Dame be able to move ball across floor? In addition, unusual scoring. Justin Williams from The Athletic joined Pete Sampson and Matt Fortuna to talk about Notre Dame's next game against Cincinnati. Are Bearcats fans more interested in Brian Kelly or Marcus Freeman story? In addition, what can Irish people expect from. Pete Sampson was in Blacksburg where Notre Dame won victory in tough road environment at Virginia Tech. Matt was in Chicago giving overview of what this means for program in future - quarterback position is absolute disaster but Jack Coan rescued. Pete Sampson and Matt Fortuna joined Antonio Morales from The Athletic to talk about upcoming Notre Dame vs USC showdown this Saturday in South Bend.

What can we expect from Trojans in quarterback position? Does USC's 7th front represent challenge for Notre? Pete Sampson and Matt Fortuna turned on their microphones on West Coast reacting busy day college football - did chaos on Saturday ease Notre Dame's path PPC? Brian Kelly believes that Irish are one four best teams county - is that right? Pete Sampson and Matt Fortuna summarized Notre Dame's 41-13 victory against Wisconsin making Brian Kelly head coach with most wins all time....

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